Collins Family of Maryville Missouri
Denis Collins, born 12/1850 in Ireland, possibly Kilkenny, married Anna Walsh, born 1/1854 in Ireland, died 4/29/1939. They were married around 1880. Dennis immigrated around 1871. Anna immigrated around 1870. A sister of Anna, Bridget, born 5/1846 lived with them at times.

In the early 1880's, they lived in Dale Township, Atchison County, Missouri. Eventually they ended up in Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri.

Their children were:

Mary J. Collins, born 2/1881
Bridget A. Collins, born 6/1884
John F. Collins, born 1/11/1886
Richard Walsh Collins, born 7/5/1889 
Anna E. Collins, born 12/1891
Denis Collins  Aug. 17, 1895  Nov. 1, 1948
                      courtesy of Richard Collins' grandson,Bill Bevans Web page done by Dean Hughson,grandson of Denis Collinss
Grandma Anna Walsh Collins
Dick,Anna,and Denis Collins with Dick's daughter,Helen Jean (Bill's mother).
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